Blog Challenge – Journal – Day 4

Hello! I’m back for yet another journal entry. If you’ve forgotten, our teacher told us that our blog challenge this time was to write what we feel about online learning in our blogs everyday. A lot like a journal entry ;). However, this time our teacher gave us some sort of a theme. the theme is: Rock, Leaf, Stick. We are supposed to write what ROCKS about online learning, some habits that we hope will STICK and what we want to LEAF behind. So now that you know what I’m trying to do, let’s go!

Today has been a lot of fun! Maths with my friends, Lulu and Zayla, Quizlet at Chinese and tons of games! I am a little sad though so I’m going to reflect on my online learning experiences. It totally ROCKS that I can call my friends and talk to them. I hope the habit of keeping still STICKS to me when physical school starts again and I Want to leave behind the constantly having to worry about my laptop charge.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog post/journal entry and i’ll be back soon. Byee!


by the way here is the photo of the leaf, stick and rock. And now for real. Byee!

Blog Challenge – Journal – Day 3

Hey, I’m back! I have had an awesome weekend and I can’t wait to share it with you! The journal writing is still going. Incase you forgot, our Blog Challenge this time is to write a post everyday, just like if I was writing in a journal ;). Enjoy!!!

I can’t believe the awesome weekend i’ve had. I didn’t do any thing revolutionary. i just chilled and watched Netflix. Oh! And read my favourite book twice over. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  My family and I had a special lunch (yum!!). and, well, Chilled! I know it doesn’t sound too interesting… But, Hey! hear me out! It was the best weekend I’ve had in a while. I was very sad when it ended but that didn’t last too long because I reminded myself that there would always be next time.

I hope you liked today’s post and Please come back tomorrow for another journal entry. Byee!

Blog Challenge – Journal – Day 2

Hello! today is day 2 of Journal writing. I won’t bore you with a long or boring introduction. Let’s jump right into it.

Today has been amazing! I had a call with two of my best friends. Lulu and Zayla! they are the best friends ever. Recess was spent with them, and lunch was Just Dance. Songs were really nice. Even English was fun filled. I like writing, so it’s was almost unbelievable when our teacher said we were doing descriptive writing. I almost jumped up and down in happiness. My work was fabulous. I had so much fun today. I can’t wait to do it tomorrow. It’ll be so fun!

I hope liked day 2’s journal entry. I can’t wait to do it tomorrow. But for now, Byee!

Blog Challenge – Journal – Day 1

Hello! It’s been a long time since I posted last. So, let me introduce myself again. My name is Neha and I enjoy singing, pizza and writing in my blog. Now you’re all caught up. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  South Australia has gone in lockdown and we are doing online learning. So, our teacher told us to do a post everyday of the lockdown. It will be pretty similar to a journal entry. So enjoy๐Ÿ˜.

Today has been… different. Online learning is starting. But get this! I’m going to go to school, to do online learning! Wow. That’s pretty cool. I have done online learning before. For 8 MONTHS. That was back in India. I didn’t enjoy it as much. But all my friends told me it’s pretty cool and I can’t wait to start online learning.

I hope you liked this journal entry. Because you are going to be seeing a lot more of it. But for now, byee!

Blog Challenge – Euro Country

Hi! This week’s blog challenge is all about our Euro country. Our class used an online spinning wheel to determine who got which country. I got Russia, and that’s why I’ll be providing some information on Russia.

This is the Russian flag. As you can see, the top colour is white, the colour in the middle is blue and the colour in the bottom is red.

The capital city of Russia is Moscow. Moscow is a beautiful city which remarkably has the most billionaires in the whole world.

Russia is the biggest country in the world. When you compare the size of Australia and the size of Russia, you will notice that Russia could fit about two and a half Australia’s.

There are many places to visit in Russia. But there are a few destinations that have become quite popular. For example, Saint Petersburg, known for it’s hermitage, white nights and ballet. Another popular destination is lake Baikal. This huge Siberian lake is known for it’s hiking and wildlife.

Russia is a huge country and has many bordering countries, two of them being Mongolia and Georgia.

Russia is home to the longest railway, the second largest art museum and many billionaires.


Persuasive Paragraph:

Russia is well known for many things. From it’s beautiful capital, Moscow, to Baikal, a huge siberian lake perfect for hiking, trekking or just a picnic! Russia is located mostly in Asia, but there is a chunk of Russia located in Europe. This is perfect because you can get the best of both worlds. Pelmeni is a very famous Russian food. it is even considered Russia’s national dish. Talk about delicious! Russia is full of culture, and has remarkable architecture. If you want to go an holiday, Russia is the place to be. There are only too many reasons for why Russia is a great country.

i hoped you liked my mini history lesson on Russia. Byee


Blog Challenge – Schools Around The World

Hello! This week’s blogging challenge is: Schools around the world. I will be relating my experiences in Wilderness against my Experiences in an Indian school.

In Wilderness, The first part of the day, (8:30-9:00 A.M.) is form time, meaning that we can utilise that time to finish homework, or even play a game of Hangman ๐Ÿ˜‰

In India, We don’t have form time, we normally start our first lesson at 8:30 A.M. Our first lesson is likely English or Maths. Which is always a bore.

In Wilderness, We spend the first ten minutes of lunch eating. At the end of ten minutes, a bell chimes and we’re allowed to play outside (or go to the library, if you want to). ๐Ÿ™‚

Back to India. over there, The lunch bell will but that doesn’t mean that everyone sits down and eats. Oh no, You’ll see the whole school running around trying to play soccer. We weren’t allowed inside the library either, which means that all the students who want to hide from the teachers have to look somewhere else.

And lastly, I want to talk about how COVID-19 has changed both the countries. Wilderness switched over to online classes for around 3 weeks, but after the COVID died down, they were allowed to open they’re gates and let the students pour in!

Unfortunately, COVID in India is not getting any better, so schools have been forced to have online classes, starting in June 2020 and still going on (don’t be surprised, i had online classes for 8 months) ;D

And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s blog post. Byee!




Environmental Issues – Quiz


Here's another quiz for you to attempt. See ya!

Blog Challenge – Environmental issues

Hello! this week for my blog challenge, I will be talking about environmental issues, or more specifically, the air quality.

  • Did you know that inhaling polluted air takes away 1-2 years of typical human life.
  • People who travel to The Grand Canyon can’t see the other side due to air pollution.
  • A single bus can carry passengers who are likely to drive forty cars.
  • By 2050 6 million people will die per year due to air pollution.
  • Indoor air pollution is 2-5 times than outdoor air pollution.

So I hope you had fun reading my 5 fun facts about air pollution. Byee!

Free Choice Week – Books

Hello! This week is very special because… It’s free choice week!! Free choice week is that one week where you get to choose your blog topic. And I have chosen Books!! I love reading books. You can go anywhere while staying in your bed. I love novels. My favourite author is Enid Blyton. Byee!